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Whether you are interested in a DIY kit or would simply like to expedite the process of getting a quotation, please feel free to email us a floorplan of your property (a simple sketch is enough, formal plans are not required) indicating the room dimensions, ceiling height(s), whether the installation is liable to be ceiling or underfloor (if the house is on a slab or has less than 300mm clearance underneath it will be a ceiling installation), where the manhole or underfloor access point is, where the gas meter or lpg bottles are (if these are in place) and any cupboards or wardrobes in the property (for placement of the Return Air). Please also indicate any areas you DON'T want to heat.

Please see the attached PDF for an example of how you might present the floorplan.

Please also include your name, address of the property, a landline & mobile number and the email address you would like the quotation sent to and we will forward you the quote in a few days at the most.

We look forward to being able to provide you with a tailored, cost-effective heating solution that will provide years of trouble-free service.

Click here to email us your plan & contact information.

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