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FURNACES (Heaters):


We recommend Braemar as our first choice for several reasons:
- The units are well-engineered and have excellent reliability & longevity.
- All models are weatherproof & can be installed inside or outside.
- They are very durable and sturdily constructed and come with excellent warranties.
- They are the current market leaders in terms of energy efficiency - 6 stars on the THM6 range.
- They represent the best value for money on a per unit basis.
- The Spectrolink programmable digital controller is standard across the whole range and is very easy to use.
- They are the winners of multiple energy efficiency & innovation awards.
- All models have very similar, superior feature sets, even the smaller models.
- Braemar servicing is fast & efficient with very short wait times.

* Furnace has a 5 year parts & labour warranty, heat exchanger & gas burners come with a parts warranty of 10 years.



We can also supply Brivis furnaces & peripherals:
While we specialise in Braemar, we continue to supply Brivis equipment, as we recognise they are a well-established brand and some customers prefer to stick with a manufacturer they have used before.



We act as agents for service & spare parts for these brands, but currently we do not supply or install these furnaces.






We use these two manufacturers exclusively for the following reasons:
- Both companies are very well established with long histories in HVAC product development & supply.
- They offer the largest ranges of quality equipment.
- Their products are the benchmarks in the industry for both innovation & quality.

Our ducting meets or exceeds the BCA standard for NSW and we believe that our standard range (R1 rated metallised insulated silver sleeve with a spring steel coil core) offers the best mix of durability, physical toughness, heat retention & economy for most installs (most of our quotes are based on using this material).

We also supply the higher insulation graded 'Greenduct' with a drawn steel coil core upon request, this comes in a 1.4 and 1.65 rating as standard.


Fittings are either insulated injection-moulded polyproylene or insulated metal for certain lower-volume applications. We also offer a range of 'DIY' un-insulated fittings which can be insulated with the insulation & outer sleeve of duct offcuts for the budget-minded.

* Both duct & fittings come with a parts warranty of 10 years.







These are the premier suppliers of HVAC equipment & allow us to offer our customers the best quality components with complete peace of mind:

Floor Registers:
Along with our standard range of polycarbonate floor registers (vents), we can also offer a select range of specialty registers in both metal & wood. Please click here to view a PDF of our range.

Return Air Grilles:
Please click here to view an example of our standard filtered 'eggcrate' aluminium wall grille (only available in WHITE). Please click here to view an example of our standard unfiltered steel floor grille (only available in BEIGE).


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